Committed to Your Family, Your Future, and Your Prosperity

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A funny thing happens as you acquire wealth: You also acquire a lot of interest from financial professionals. Though, have you ever wondered whose interest those professionals really have at heart?  

At Rogers Capital Management, we see you as a person, not a portfolio. We believe your best interest is the priority – not a large firm's profitability or its stockholders – and independence allows us to do that. Our disciplined, needs-based process focuses on the planning necessary for the accumulation, preservation, and transfer of wealth. 

Our team also believes that sound financial decisions shouldn't be confusing. Therefore, we work under the philosophy that every client's situation and goals are unique, and therefore each client deserves a specialized approach to planning for their financial future.

Today's investment climate offers unprecedented opportunities to pursue your financial goal. At Rogers Capital Management, our mission is to help clients take advantage of those opportunities by providing them with three key tools:

1. A clear understanding of their financial goals

2. A well-defined roadmap to help pursue those goals

3. Ongoing advice to help adjust their roadmap when their needs change

On our website, you'll find valuable information for evaluating your current position and progress toward your financial goals. We offer educational articles that outline financial concepts and highlight products designed to fill the gaps in your financial strategy. You will also find calculators that will help you assess your current and future needs. Everything we offer is designed to keep you up-to-date on financial issues, strategies, and trends.

We are committed to our clients and we define our success by our clients' success. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your financial future, please email us, or call (817) 774-9005.