Our Independence

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In 2017, we chose to become an independent practice because we firmly believe your best interest is the priority – not a large firm's profitability or its stockholders. Our independence allows us to focus solely on your needs, and our disciplined, needs-based process focuses on the planning necessary for the accumulation, preservation, and transfer of your wealth. Though our practice is fully independent, we have access to industry-leading operational and back-office administrative support. 

  • Investment, retirement, and estate planning
  • Traditional and advisory portfolio management services
  • Stock, bonds, and mutual funds
  • Asset management accounts
  • Insurance and annuities
  • Wealth management services

We offer a variety of resources to our clients, including access to industry research, technology, and world-class products. We also have access to top-tier tools and technology, which we consider to be among the best in our industry. We've found that the relationships we're constantly forming have given us the resources we need to deliver exceptional service with cutting edge technology, products and a back office that is dedicated to helping us and our clients.